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Monday, 23 April 2012

Coopers Mexican Cerveza Lager Kit

Yesterday I started a new 40 pint batch of lager. This one is by Coopers and it is their Mexican Cerveza. I have heard good things about this lager so I'm hoping it will turn out good. One difference I've made is to use golden syrup instead of sugar as, again, I've been told this makes a nicer end product. I also used 200g of sugar as the golden syrup doesn't quite have enough sugar contents to complete the fermentation. When I checked on it this morning I could see that fermentation has started. I do intend on using a slightly different method to prime the lager when bottling but I will mention that when I bottle the lager in just over a week!

Coopers Mexican Cerveza
The beer kit - Enough for 40 pints!

Mexican Lager Kit and Large Tin of Golden Syrup
The home brew kit and the golden syrup.

Sugar Weighed Out For Homebrew
200g of sugar weighed out


  1. Was that the whole tin of syrup you used? I think I'll be giving this a try :)

    1. Yes, a full tin. It was the large one that's nearly a kilo. I checked on it a few minutes ago and am happy to report it is bubbling away happily.