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Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Geordie Bitter Bottled

In a previous post (found here) I started making a 40 pint batch of Geordie Bitter. This was a gift from my mother in law for my birthday, though at the time she wasn't my mother in law! This is my first post as a married man and bottling this batch was possibly the first thing me and my wife did together that relates to this blog. I have also started using a different storage method for my photos in this post; I am trying out flickr, this is because I am nearing my upload limit with google so with flickr I will be able to keep posting all the pictures I take as long as I don't go over 300MB a month!

Bottling Brown Bitter
The first step was to sterilize 40 plastic pint bottles

Bottling Brown Bitter
The bottles sat on the draining board after rinsing

My good wife adding half a teaspoon of sugar prior to adding the beer, this is to prime the beer and give it a bit of life

A close up of the priming process

And the finished product!

Now that the bottling process is complete I need to leave them in a warm place for a few days then move them somewhere cooler to age. About a week will do before I try my first one!

In the background of the last picture you can see a demijohn which had mead in. I have also racked a couple of demijohns of this and a raspberry wine. They are all nearly ready for bottling and then leaving to age prior to drinking!

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