A blog originally for keeping track of my hobby of being a Beekeeper which has evolved to include Home Brewing and even more recently to follow me and my families approach to "The Good Life". Eventually I hope to include baking recipes and stories of our flock of chickens also reporting on the success and failure at the allotments.

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Update on New Allotment

Just a quick update on how things are going on the new allotment. Although it is technically not an allotment, more just a plot of land we have been given rights to use, I am still going to refer to it as an allotment.

In the past week we have had warmer than average temperatures for the time of year and as a result of this have managed to get a considerable amount done; I have done an Ok amount but my dad has been really busy. Due to work commitments I have not been there most days but the time I've managed to get there I have been busy. We now have several trees planted and most of the larger weeds removed. I have cleared an area for the Bees to go and have put some anti weed covering down to keep it clear.

New Allotment
Just need to add Bees!

New Allotment
A row of fruit trees. There are more in now since photo was taken and a lot less weeds to the right hand side of them.

New Allotment
Even Buster (my Dad's dog) is "helping"

The days that I haven't been able to get there I have still kept myself busy by making a new stand for one of my hives. I haven't any pictures of it yet as it remains unfinished. I'm also not as proud of this one as my sawing isn't as straight, therefore it has a little wobble. I'll have to see how well it works when a heavy hive is on top of it, with any luck it'll be fine and if needed I can sink the legs into the ground slightly to aid stability. I've also ordered some straps for the hives for when the time comes to move them. They actually arrived this morning and although a little fiddly to fasten they are extremely secure so hopefully no escaping Bees in transit.

Finally a little mention to something else I've ordered that I'd slightly related to the allotment. I've ordered a 4.25l dutch oven. I plan to use this when camping mainly but will take it down to the allotment some days when I plan to be there all day; I intend on lighting up a fire when I first get there and get some meal slow cooking so I can have a proper well deserved meal break when the time comes. I will also be able to use the freshest ingredients straight out of the ground!