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Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Getting Ready For Spring

In the last few weeks I have been busy getting ready for the new Beekeeping year. Firstly I have purchased plenty of jars in anticipation of a good honey crop. Even if I don't fill all the jars next year, which I don't expect to do, then I will have spare for the following year or some nice jars to use for jam making! I bought my jars from a glass company in Leeds called Spinkscompak. They have a wide range and as a member of Yorkshire Beekeepers I received a discount.

A full box of 108 hexagonal jars
These will look great with my honey in and labels!
A larger 1lb jar. I have 72 of these.
...and of course the lids for the jars!

I have also been making frames ready to go into my second hive that I hope to get occupied with Bees in the spring. I have made enough to fill 2 supers and just need to make the frames to go into the brood box now. Below is some pictures of me making frames.

All the pieces of a frame before assembly.
This piece gets cut out and nailed back in on top of the foundation.
The frame made up without being nailed together yet.
A nail in each corner, both sides, keeps the top bar in place.
Remember the bit cut out earlier, it is now nailed over the foundation securing it in place
The finished frame ready to be "drawn out" by the Bees ready for honey storage!

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