A blog originally for keeping track of my hobby of being a Beekeeper which has evolved to include Home Brewing and even more recently to follow me and my families approach to "The Good Life". Eventually I hope to include baking recipes and stories of our flock of chickens also reporting on the success and failure at the allotments.

Saturday, 18 June 2011

Homebrewing Gifts from Grandad... Part 2

After visiting my Grandad the other day I am now the owner of another 3 demijohns! Unlike the other brewing vessels I acquired from him these were full of wine he made 25+ years ago! He isn't totally sure what flavour each one is but believes they are parsnip, sloe berry and elderberry. I'm not sure if they will all be any good but I have already siphoned one demijohn off into bottles and started drinking it. The other 2 have a lot of sediment in the bottom and smell slightly musty when I have taken the tops off for a quick sniff so may end up down the drain!

Syphoning the contents of the demijohn into a empty clean wine bottle
A close up of the contents
Due to there been a lot of sediment I decided to use 2 filters.
The finished product
In total I bottled 5 full 750ml bottles and nearly filled a 6th. I couldn't tell what was used to make this wine but it tasted good to my unrefined palate. I also have no idea of how strong it was however after 2 large glasses I could tell I'd had it!